Things I learned from 5 Days on the road

So, November was filled with more than a far share of shooting including the Eternal Enemies Tour. Unfortunately that meant I had to take a little break from updating my blog to focus on travel plans and a 24 hour turn around for photos. Hopefully next time around I will be able update more frequently on the road.

Here is a list I learned throughout my travels:

  1.  It is easy to eat healthy
  2.  It is easy to eat unhealthy
  3.  Everyone should travel
  4.  Everyone should make time for themselves
  5.  Band members are not always as tough as they seem but are actually some of the nicest people.
  6.  You cant be a photographer if you are afraid to take risks
  7.  Ask questions all the time.
  8.  Hotels can be disgusting
  9.  Massachusetts is possibly the most expensive place ever
  10.  The power of music is unbelievable
  11.  Being in a city you don't know is an empowering experience
  12.  5 Hour rides aren't as bad as they sound
  13.  Follow the three song rule
  14.  Don't give security a hard time - they are there for you as well
  15.  Respect the photo pit
  16.  Respect the actual pit
  17.  Do your job first then be a fan second
  18.  Leave your photo caps at home
  19.  Leave your lens hoods home
  20.  Don't be afraid of dust/dirt
  23.  Shows without photo pits could be the worst thing ever
  24.  Never stop networking
  25.  Be friendly
  26.  Editing on the road sucks
  27.  Don't forget to eat - this was actually difficult
  28.  Always have water on you
  29.  Don't bring too much gear into the venue. It becomes a hassle
  30.  Have fun

I know some of these may seem obvious but when you are out and about you can easily lose track of the simple things.

Freedom Cypher w/ Wreck Shop

Last night had the opportunity to stop in Cambridge, MA for the Freedom Cypher. It gives an opportunity for artists to showcase their talents over beats produced by local artists. This was the first time I have every been to something like this and it was an incredible eye opener.

Here are a few photos from the night. The rest can be found on my page.

Producer Tweak showcasing his beats.

Wreck Shop:

My Page:

Finally Started My Facebook Page

Finally took the time to create my Facebook page for my photography rather than using just my website and personal page. It seemed that I was getting enough traffic to take the leap and start promoting my photography as a brand.

So with this short and sweet blog post head on over and like my page:

Check Me Out This Weekend

It's going to be a productive weekend so be sure to stop by and say hey. Always feel free to ask questions if you have any.

This upcoming weekend you can find me:


Mike Forgette & Friends w/ Flick Squad Photo - FSM
Baystate College

Mike Forgette & Friends w/ Flick Squad Photo - FSM
Smokehouse Tavern in Lowell


Gloucester vs Swampscott Football
Gloucester High School


TRANSIT October Tour
Middle East Downstairs

Beautiful Tilt-Shift Time Lapse

Age of Digital

Its amazing what you can do now with cameras. This is an amazing example of using a tilt-shift lens to create a unique time lapse.


Tilt–shift photography is the use of camera movements on small- and medium-format cameras, and sometimes specifically refers to the use of tilt for selective focus, often for simulating a miniature scene.

Check out the original article found here:

We're International Now

Thanks to everyone that visits my website/blog!

Just got back from a weekend trip to Maine and decided to check the passed few days of website activity. Turns out we have a few international visitors and readers. Hopefully I can continue to grow and improve the content that I put up so everyone can continue to enjoy.

I have just finished uploading the photos to my computer from this weekend in Maine and the stop to cover some NASCAR on the way back. Everything is looking better than expected and I cant wait to get them up.

Check Out My Gear

Gear Section Added

A recent question I have been asked is what kind of camera I use. I figured I would take the time to create a gear page so that people can freely look as I update my gear. You can view everything I use from cameras to lenses and backpacks to travel cases.

Amazon Affiliate

I have also become an affiliate so you can actually buy gear through me. If anyone is interested in purchasing any camera gear feel free to let me know.

Photography Tutorials On The Way

Content, Content, Content!

Things are going to get content heavy pretty soon. I plan on creating some vlog's as well as some helpful tutorials to showcase how I am achieving certain looks in each of the images I am editing. 

In these images I show an example of how I recovered a not-so-thrilling sunset and was able to turn it into a high-contrast / HDR feeling image. Rather than trying to pump up the saturation I decided to keep it as natural as I could and just try to bring the image to life through contrast.



I primarily use a combination of Lightroom/Photoshop and occasionally use Color Efex 4.