Get better with your DSLR

For anyone looking to get better with their DSLR I made a short list of tips i’ve learned along the way:

-Dont post the same image over and over.
-If you missed the shot don’t post it.
-14 strong images are better than 140
-Try to tell a story with your images.
-Know the difference between crop sensor and full frame and why it matters.
-Know the exposure triangle.
-Don’t shoot in auto.
-For the love of God don’t shoot in auto.
-Get better lenses.
-Get at least one prime lens.
-Buy right or buy twice.
-Know the rule of thirds but don’t live by it.
-If you don’t know what RAW is then stop shooting and read a bit more about your camera.
-Photo editing is the second half of being a good photographer.
-Know what focal lengths are most flattering

Obviously I’ve broken some of these myself but 90% of the time these have all helped me improve.

Good luck and happy shooting.